Friday, August 3, 2012

Suspended vs called games - Proposed rule change

On Tuesday night, the Boston Red Sox were barely hanging on to a 4-1 lead over Detroit when the Tigers were batting in the top of the 6th inning.  With the bases loaded, the Umpires stopped play due to the heavy rain.  The rain never let up and a couple of hours later the game was called and went in the books as a Red Sox victory. Many Tigers fans were (rightfully) upset. Many fans (wrongly) thought the Tigers should protest the game.  Unfortunately the way the rules are currently written, the Umpires had no choice. The game was over. As unfair as it may have seemed, there was no option to suspend the game and finish it at a later date.  But in my mind, there should be.

A suspended game is a game that is "paused" and will be continued from the current situation the following (or a later) day.  A called game is a game that is complete.

Below are the rules for determining when a game can be suspended.  These are taken from The Official Rules of Baseball Illustrated: