Friday, June 17, 2011

What happened here?

There was a weird play/situation in a Mets/Pirates game the other night.  Runners on 1st and 3rd, Jose Reyes hits a trouble sinking flyball into left field.  LF Jose Tabata, makes a great catch (or he may have trapped it - tough to tell - but ump calls it a catch).  R1 doesn't realize it's caught and he's rounding 2nd base.  He gets doubled off 1st routinely.  Now here's where it gets interesting:  Ruben Tejada, the runner on 3rd base, may or may not have tagged up.  The video evidence is inconclusive.  But the Pirates appeal and.... NO CALL IS MADE.  U3 doesn't give the "safe - he tagged up" sign, nor the "out - he left early" call.   The question is why?  There is a lot of speculation on this baseball-reference blog, pertaining to this play, and a lot of armchair umpires think you can't appeal without giving the pitcher the ball and having him step off the rubber.  Well, I know that's wrong.  That only applies when there has been a dead ball.  So why did the umpire make no call???   Is it possible someone made a mistake?

Here's the video of it:
Your thoughts?  Anyone? Bueller?


  1. U3 couldn't make the appeal call, as he was out making the catch/no catch call. This leaves PU to swing out and line up catch with R3, then come back for possible play.

    It's possible PU made a call, but you can't see it in the video.

  2. Nice observation by yawetag.

    I'm surprised I haven't heard about this one yet. 3B was Bob Davidson, and he's so universally reviled that the blogosphere whines when he farts.

    I agree with you about the whole 'pitcher step off' ritual. I'm amazed at how many otherwise competent coaches feel like they have to go through that whole process to appeal, often calling time themselves.

  3. This situation reminds of that scene in Little Big League. hA!