Friday, May 20, 2011

Coaches still don't know the rules

yeah, I know.  And in other shocking news, the sun is still hot!

I’ve been umpiring for about a month now, and I finally have some spare time to post another update.  I’m going to use some of my recent experiences to highlight some rules situations that I witnessed first hand.

Junior Little League game:  I’m doing the bases to help guide a new umpire who is doing the plate for the first time.  Had a couple of tricky plays:
R1,R3, nobody out.  R1 is stealing on a pitch.  A pop up behind the shortstop.  He catches it, and R1 realizes it’s caught and starts going back to first base.  The shortstop fires a bullet towards first… and throws it over the first baseman and out of play.  I call “TIME!”  (note: this all happened before R1 returns to 1st base).  PU awards R3 home, and R1 second base.  I try to catch PU’s attention and point to 3rd, and he gives me a quizzical look, I nod my head, and he says “runner – 3rd base”.  Well that brings out the defensive coach to question the rookie ump.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

MLB Power Rankings - May edition

(Editor's Note: This is the May installment of the power ranking series, provided by Ruben from the Red Sox Nation in Alberta blog, who is letting me cross-post here.   Feel free to add your comments. -- Reg)

Now that the season is 1 month old, time to update the power rankings and give my readers a chance to comment on some laughably bad predictions that I had made earlier.  Not unexpectedly there is a new team atop the rankings.  And it has as much to do with Philadelphia's league best 18-8 start as it has for previously #1 ranked Boston's underwhelming April.  With that unsurprising spoiler out of the way, here are the full rankings.