Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Preseason Predictions

{Editor's note:  Following post is from Ruben}
I'm excited to become a regular contributor to this blog.   While Reg will continue to focus on umpiring and rules, my emphasis will be on MLB happenings.  Among other things, I plan on at least doing monthly MLB power ranking along with commentary on any teams that have moved significantly.   I did the initial one a couple of weeks ago, and will do a February one shortly.

Today I am going to share a few preseason predictions.

East - Boston
Central - Minnesota
West - Oakland (!)
Wildcard - Texas (beating out New York, Tampa and Detroit)
ALCS:  Oakland over Boston

MVP - Adrian Gonzalez - Honorable mentions to Justin Morneau and Miguel Cabrera
Cy Young - Trevor Cahill -  Honorable mentions to Jon Lester and David Price
Rookie of the Year - Dustin Ackley - Honorable mentions to Kyle Drabek, Desmond Jennings

East - Philadelphia
Central - Milwaukee
West - Colorado
Wildcard - St. Louis (beating out Atlanta, San Francisco and Cincinnati)
NLCS:  Colorado over Philadelphia

MVP - Prince Fielder - Honorable mentions to Carlos Gonzalez, Dan Uggla
Cy Young -  Josh Johnson - Honorable mentions to Ubaldo Jimenez and Roy Oswalt
Rookie of the Year - Domonic Brown - Honorable mentions to Aroldis Chapman and Freddie Freemnan, 


Oakland over Colorado.... in 6

I know... everybody is expecting a Philly/Red Sox Fall Classic.  But nobody had Giants/Rangers last year, so I may as well go out on a limb.  

But I would much rather see the Red Sox and Phillies.

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